a full year of covid-19 disinfection services.

With Bee Line’s pathogen misting disinfection services, you will get a full year of monthly misting to completely disinfect your site, keep your people safe, and keep your customers raving. Take advantage of our yearly disinfectant misting package and stay on top of pathogen prevention at a time when it matters most.∔

Phone Number
Address of space you'd like cleaned
Are you requesting deep cleaning of a space that has had a confirmed COVID-19 case in it? 
Choose yes or no, or choose maybe if you are waiting on test results.

What You’ll Get When You Sign Up:

Immediately After Signing Up:

  • pc加拿大群5元群Save 10% off of the yearly subscription cost

  • pc加拿大群5元群Receive a PR sticker to post at your site to inform guests that you’re professionally deep cleaned

Each Month Our Certified Medical-Grade Cleaning Team Will:

  • pc加拿大群5元群You will clear the space that will be misted the night before 

  • pc加拿大群5元群We work with you to identify high-touch areas before service

  • The night of, we will pre-wipe all soiled surfaces and high touch points in your space

  • We will apply disinfectant misting spray that meets the EPA’s and CDC’s criteria to kill the Novel Coronavirus across your site and allow proper dwell time for full disinfection

  • pc加拿大群5元群After dwell time, our teams will carefully clean up the site and let you know as soon your facility is ready to be re-entered (should be ready to be re-entered the following morning) ∔


The Misting Disinfection Process:

Our process includes misting of all High Touch Points and open surfaces and pre wiping hard surfaces which are visibly soiled. Our misting process does not include pre-dusting. We will work closely with our clients to ensure the facility is prepped properly prior to the application.∔

Click to open up a PDF of this flyer.

Click to open up a PDF of this flyer.

Click to open up a PDF of this flyer.

Click to open up a PDF of this flyer.


What Our Clients Are Saying:

“First of all – thanks for taking care of this for us! You and your crew did a fantastic job last time a few weeks ago …and I am very glad you are coming out again this Saturday to both of these site locations. Please tell your crew we all really appreciate all their doing for us. I know they have been working really hard and many hours. Yet, their always smiling and so willing to help.”

Hospital Partner

“I just wanted to write a quick note to tell you all what a great job Dario has been doing at our site. He has been so great, especially through all this craziness we have all been dealing with with COVID. He is such a hard worker, and is constantly keeping everything clean. I am able to very confidently tell all the patients and parents that come through our doors that our site it properly cleaned and wiped down for their safety every day! A huge Kudos to him for helping us get through this crazy time! ”

Practice Manager | Hospital Partner

“Our leadership team deeply appreciates your swift response to our needs late in the day. I’m copying our Director so he is aware of the team’s outstanding response and support.  A very special thanks to for jumping on a call and coordinating his team to ensure our patients, providers and staff have a safe work environment today! An amazing team effort indeed!”

Executive Director | Hospital Partner



  • Improved attendance & decreased sick days

  • Cleans air and eliminates odors

  • Disinfection of High Touch Points

  • pc加拿大群5元群Zero Rinsing & Zero Downtime!∔